Organic Coconut Water
Pure coconut water as it comes from the shell – nothing added and nothing taken away

Cocoloco 100% natural coconut water features five naturally occurring electrolytes – magnesium, sodium, calcium, phosphorous, and potassium, nature’s minerals your body needs and loves.

In the pink of health

Cocoloco is rich in polyphenols, naturally occurring antioxidants that react with light to turn this pure coconut water a beautiful shade of pink. No artificial colours added – it’s all perfectly natural!

Why the most chill drink needs to be kept chilled

Cocoloco is made solely of raw coconut water. There are no preservatives in our processes – just a high-pressure method of pasteurisation without nutrient- and taste-destroying heat. Because it’s processed in the kindest possible way, it has a limited shelf life and needs to be kept chilled to stay fresh and refreshing for thirst-quenching enjoyment.

  1. Edelyn B. Sedillo

    Nice drink

  2. Hannatu james

    Nice drink

    • admin

      Thank you for review and the support of our products.

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