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Everything we put in the store has to come in its most natural flavour. We also believe that nutritious food should be accessible for everyone and so we’ve kept our items at the most competitive prices.

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For the calorie-conscious, nut milks with zero trans-fat are a nice alternative to have. For the lactose-intolerant, nut milks are god sent. Pressed from almonds, pistachios and walnuts, the milks retain the nutrients and minerals in the nuts so that your daily bowl of cereal is more beneficial to your body.

Bored of water? Coconut water is nature’s alternative to staying hydrated. Made from organic Thai coconuts, famed for their sweetness, Cocoloco is USDA organic, HPB certified and has a shelf life of 30 days. They might also have the prettiest coconut water—they are the first to introduce pink coconut water, which is a naturally occurring reaction of light and phenolic antioxidants.

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